About us

Kiinde® brand was established several years ago in the United States by two young engineers after one of them became a young father. After his wife, a young doctor on internship, returned to work on night shifts, he saw the need to find innovative ways to feed his 5 month old daughter. Kiinde® accessories have become very popular in the US and increasingly around the world.

We are two moms who, under the influence of our own experiences with breastfeeding our children, decided to bring Kiinde® accessories to the Polish and European markets. Our mission is to support women in the natural breast feeding of infants. We belive that breast milk is the most precious gift that a mother can give her child.

  • Marta Dudziewicz

    responsible for PR and contacts with media
    marketing and promotion
    e-sales and individual customer service
  • Agnieszka Roszkiewicz

    responsible for international contacts
    sales in the EU and wholesale in Poland
    business customers


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