• Product of the Year 2015 SUPERMAMA AWARDS

    1st place in the Feeding Accessories category
  • Kid's Biz Fair

    1st Kid's Awards 2015 in the fourth edition of Biz Kid's Fair in the category of infancy


Marysia Górecka - author of the blog, mother of three children

„Kiinde® in my opinion is one of the best brands of accessories for moms who want to feed their baby with their own milk, but do not have the possibility of breast-feeding.

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Margaret Rogozińska – midwife,  privately mother of three children

„I am a midwife by education and by trade, as well as a mother of three children, ages 7 and 4 years old and 18 months. I had the opportunity to be one of the first ones to test  Kiinde® Twist ™ Starter Kit for collecting and storing breast milk. I received it for testing when my youngest daughter was 6 months old. Just like with the older children I had to quickly return to work and I just could not imagine them being fed with any other milk but my own.
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Karolina Lewandowska – Neonatal physician, privately mother of two children

„The statement that breastfeeding is the most appropriate method of feeding infants is a fact that is indisputable. The breast milk fully meets the nutritional needs of the child from the first moments of his life and constantly adapts to changes. With sadness, I have to admit that I observe, both at work and privately, that despite the widespread awareness from mothers and their declarations about the desire to breastfeed, many women give up because of the problems they encounter on their "milk" road. This is because of lack of proper support, both in their immediate surroundings as well as (the  saddest part) in the healthcare system. I, myself, despite my knowledge, did not avoid the obstacles and doubts.

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